With the construction of the new wing “IOANNIS D. KRITIKOS” and the reconstruction of the Old Wing Foundation the building complex of nursing home, most functional and aesthetically is no different from a luxury hotel.

The new Wing “IOANNIS KRITIKOS” is an extension of the original building of the Foundation. It consists of a basement, ground floor and four floors, total area of approximately 2,500 sq.m. and the 5th floor, donation of the Foundation “Anthony Emm. Komninos” area of 800 sq.m.

A key priority of the architectural design of the new wing, was the harmonious connection of the new building with the existing building complex, and the adaptation of the residential fabric of the region.

The main access to the new building is via the main entrance on the street Gr. Lampraki. Visitors have the opportunity to admire the wall marble sculpture composition of Alexander K. Kokkinos, where “meet” the two co-founders of Piraeus Nursing home, the Archpriest Vassilis Athanasius and Ioannis D. Kritikos.

The total of 42 chambers of the New Wing, double and single, with guest capacity of approximately 80 inmates, equipped with functional furnishings, TV, direct dial telephone, refrigerator, air conditioning unit and individual lockers for each inmate.

The sanitary ware of the chambers is specifically designed for safe use by the elderly.

On the second floor of the New Wing “Ioannis D. Kritikos” of Piraeus Nursing Home was constructed and equipped medical office and nursing for elderly inmates.

On the first floor there is a chapel, dedicated to the patron saints of the two co-founders, St. Vasillis and St. John the Baptist.


On the ground floor is the Ceremonial Hall, which has all the modern audiovisual media.

In the basement are storage rooms, mechanical building installations (engine room, boiler room, fire pump room) as well as the power station, with backup power generator, which in case of a power failure automatically turns on and supplies electricity to the entire complex. Specific spaces serve parking vehicles.

Particular attention has been given to the equipment of all the new wing rooms, and the quality of building materials, so as to ensure easy maintenance, so that the building as a whole, is maintained in excellent condition for a long time.

Renovation of the Old Wing of Piraeus Nursing Home was radical. It included full enhancement of the whole structure of the building, namely, on the one hand the masonry of the 1891 building and on the other hand the frame of reinforced concrete of the two floors, built 1967.

In addition to ensuring the structural integrity of the building, made full external refurbishing work of all areas, works of electrical and mechanical installations, restoration of damage of the building’s outer shell, renovation and improvement of facets, as well as reformation and redesigning of the environment of the building space. On the ground floor and the basement there are wings for prostrate, capacity of 16 beds each shall, with specially adapted bathrooms and food preparation areas. In the basement there are also storage spaces, the cooking room, the ironing room, the washing machine-dry machine, as well as spaces for the staff.


The area of the Foundation Administration, which is also located in the ground, includes: President’s Office, donor’s office, Doctor’s office and nurses, Offices of Social Workers, Administration offices, Accounting Department-Cash desk and Administration. The first and second floor of the reconstructed Old Wing, total capacity of 36 beds each one, include seventeen double and two single chambers respectively, equipped according to the standards of modern nursing of elderly people. Particular attention was given to the reconstruction of the courtyard area with the creation of elegant small grove with walks on the road Gr. Lampraki. The materials used for the reconstruction of the Old Wing, are qualitative and designed similar to those which have been used for the construction of the new wing. In this way, on the one hand the single format of the building is achieved, and on the other hand, thanks to the high quality of materials, the permanence of the structure is being ensured.


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