The Association of Friends of Piraeus Nursing Home was established to support the Nursing Home Piraeus project and to make every effort to inform the public on issues of Ageing problems.

The Articles of Association were approved by no. 2200 / 06.10.2010 decision of the Piraeus Court of First Instance and recorded in the registers with number 4119.

The Association immediately after the adoption of the Statute  convened  General Assembly and elected the Management Board members.  So on 10.04.2010 the Board of Directors met and the first compilation has been as follows:

PRESIDENT Ms. Leventaki Paraskeyi
VICE PRESIDENT Ms. Lyginou Ingrid
CASHIER Ms. Fotinelli Georgia
SECREATARY Ms. Makryoniti Pelagia
MEMBER κα Φωτεινέλλη Ελισσάβετ

Immediately after the compilation and establishment to a new body the General Assembly commenced operations on the project and the purpose on which declared itself , namely to encourage financially efforts of Piraeus Nursing Home.

On December 18, 2010 was held at the Foundation Lecture Hall the first BAZZAR. A very difficult and tedious task that had to do with the event sponsors and donors as well as the operation at the date of the Meeting, but was crowned with complete success.

On February 23, 2011 took place in a luxury hotel in Vouliagmeni event in order to inform the public about the work of the Association. In this event tea was offered  and gave a talk the famous plastic surgeon Mr. Th. Voukidis.

On December 3, 2011 was organized in the Foundation the second BAZZAR of the Association which had success after having the first experience.

On October 24, 2011 held another successful attempt of the Association. Sponsored by the organism Art Auction K. Kapopoulos was held in Zappeion Hall event where a number of important works of art were auctioned for the purposes of the Association. All the works were divested and offered the proceeds to the nursing home.

The Association of Friends of Piraeus Nursing Home equipped the offices of the Foundation with a) Photocopying latest technology machine, and b) with the free installation of modern hardware equipment and software.

Today the Association with the restless and tireless efforts of board members and especially its President Mrs. P. Leventaki and Vice President Ms I.Lyginou, numbers more than 60 active members and has many expectations and disposal for many more pleasing projects to the benefit of society and especially of Third Age.

Headquarter : 41 Gr. Lampraki str, PC 185 34, Piraeus
Call Center : +30 210 4143999, +30 210 4143983
Reception : +30 210 4143877
Administration / Public Relations : +30 210 4143878
Social Service : +30 210 4143800 – +30 210 4143806
Financial Service : +30 210 4143804
Accounting office : +30 210 4143805 – +30 210 4143809
Property Management : +30 210 4143803
Fax : +30 210 4128873
Offices’ opening hours : Monday to Friday 8.00-16.00
e-mail :