In 1891, inspired of our Holy Orthodox faith and by the love for the fellowman, the late Archpriest Vasileios Athanasius, after a long stay in Mount Athos, founds, at his own expense, the Αsylum of poor elders (Piraeus Nursing Home).

The Founder Vasileios Athanasiou was born in Piraeus in 1814. Most of his life he lived in Mount Athos. Ηe was appointed vicar the decade 1860 in Rizarios School and since lived in Piraeus. He worked of a priest sequentially in Piraeus churches, Agias Triadas, St. Spyridon , and St. Constantine.

By his own efforts was posted on October 5, 1891 (GG 276) to the the Government’s  Gazette  Royal decree concerning on the approval of establishment charitable foundation in Piraeus, under the name «Αsylum of poor elders Athanasios Archpriest». The construction of the building, a 3.193 sqm plot, which was donated by the Municipality of Piraeus was his first concern and launched in 1892. For erecting spent 56,000 (fifty-six thousand) drachmas of which 50,000 (fifty thousand) drachmas paid by the late founder and 6,000 (six thousand) drachmas the Municipality of Piraeus. The Archpriest Vasileios Athanasius reposed in 1894 after he had ordained just before to Archimandrite. The same year, is published his testament which demonstrated the foresight of his charitable options bequeathing to Asylum the  very large amount for that time of 90,000 (ninety thousand) drachmas. The year 1899  the construction was completed so actually started and the running of the Foundation.

In the year 1900 the preeminent Archimandrite Nikiforos Romanides whο was founded in Piraeus since 1877 small Romanideio Municipal Nursing Home bequeaths the namesake Foundation (On Voulgaris 161) at Pireos Street Nursing Home. The agreement includes a condition as 10 to 20 inmates of Romanideiou remain on Asylum of poor (Nursing Piraeus) with the obligation the Municipality of Piraeus to subsidize nursing home to cover their costs.

On September 22, 1900 published in the edition of the Government Gazette the approval of the first Rules of Asylum. According to the Statute, the poor citizens of Piraeus stay free.

In the following years, the Foundation, despite financial difficulties beginning to face seamlessly offers its services in Piraiki society which from the outset surrounded it with touching interest.

Since the beginning of 1918, after request of the Military Authority the first floor is requisitioned for installation company of clerks and workers in economic Army service.

In 1920 issued form entitled Regulation of Asylum of poor elders.

During the Asia Minor campaign and the destruction that followed, the Foundation is used as a center for the care of refugees arriving by the thousands in the Piraeus harbor.

In 1924 the Ministry of Military partially delivers the house, after a requisition of six years. During 1925, were introduced to the Foundation 58 elders. During the interwar period are made intense efforts, in order to improve both the economic situation of Asylum with the conclusion of the borrowing, as well as the quality of services. The requisitioned floor for refugees is evacuated (01/03/1928). In 1929 the disposal of the amount of 250,000 drachmas is approved so as to repair the building.

In 1933 are made minor repairs to auxiliary areas of the Foundation and rebuilt new kitchens. Approved by the Municipality of Piraeus the amount of 250,000 drachmas, as a grant to the Foundation. In 1934 the Foundation hosts 124 inmates elders and features a 12-member staff.

In 1937 at the Foundation are fed 163 people.

With the outbreak of World War II, the Ministry of Provident recommends limiting in the minimum possible number of cared in food Foundation. Despite indescribable trials and difficulties faced by the Foundation during the German occupation, will continue to offer its services while efforts are intensified of the administration in order to ensure the necessary supply for feeding the elderly.

In the first postwar years, the administration  of the Foundation begins at a slow rate the effort to rebuild and heal wounds.

In 1961 is decided extension of the existing building and the permit is issued. The works of extension will begin in 1967. The two-storey damaged building  will turn into three floors with the ground floor. The main initiator of the modernization of the building was the late Vice President of the administration Dimitrios Lyginos.

In 1968 President of the Foundation undertakes the first  Metropolitan of Piraeus the blessed Chrysostom Tavladorakis. In 1971 the inauguration of the new building. Over the next 30 years the offer of the Foundation continues unabated.

In total, at least 6,000 elders have already tasted the  snugness of the Foundation. Over the last 15 years, the Foundation managed to create a family atmosphere for inmates, who enjoy thankfully the benefits of the offer.

In 1978 takes office as President of the Foundation his Eminence Metropolitan of Piraeus Mr. Callinicos Karoussos.

In 1991, with the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Asylum, is performed celebratory event. Current requirements, the rapid evolution of technology and the gradual rise in living standards and resulting in increasing the population of elderly people impose universal changes to the Foundation.

On 09/09/1997 the Foundation’s administration due to high demand of beds decides the erection of a new wing at Nursing Home and entrusts architect drawing up the project planning. On 03/09/1998 are submitted applications to the Town Planning of Piraeus for issuing licenses of demolition of old buildings and the erection of the new wing and on  14/09/1998, the aforementioned authorizations are received under the Nursing Home. In August and September 1998 appeared in the foundation Mr. Ioannis Kritikos, who after several visits at the Foundation, and after seeing the tireless and the voluntary offer of the administration,the smooth operation and impeccable employee behavior towards inmates, decides the erection of a new wing with his entirely donation.

On 10.27.1998 is signed the donation contract expense of construction of the “new wing I. D. Kritikos” between the administration of Nursing home of Piraeus and the donor. The foundation of the new five-storey wing is on January 18, 1999, while completed and delivered fully equipped in 2000. During the inauguration of the new wing on November 26, 2000, the late I. D. Kritikos announces just one year before his death and and the expenditure commitment reconstructing – equipment Old Wing of the Foundation.

The renovated Old Wing was inaugurated on November 23, 2002 by the SA the President of the Republic Mr. Konstantinos Stephanopoulos. In the face of the late Ioannis D. Kritikos Piraeus Nursing Home recognizes its co-founder, as founder of regeneration and the course of of the historic foundation. Since then a new period begins for the Foundation. In recent years are cared, on a permanent basis nearly 200 centenarians inmates, mainly Piraeus citizens. About 50 of them are poor  Piraeus Citizens retired from OGA.

The Foundation provides accommodation, food and care in a place that really reminds luxury hotel. It features lobby for kinesiotherapy – physiotherapy, while in the event hall holds regular entertainment events, and strives to provide high quality care for its elderly inmates.

With the new wing and renovation and reformation of the halls of the old wing total area 5,850 sq.m. and capacity of 200 beds, accomplished substantial upgrading and improvement of services provided to veterans of life whenever requested.

On 1996 resigned from Piraeus Metropolis the for 28 years Foundation President Reverend Mr. Callinicos Karoussos and takes office as President of Foundation the new Metropolitan of Piraeus Reverend Mr. Seraphim Mentzelopoulos.

In the year 2007 the Foundation still lives a new upgrade and renewal period in the presence of the new President. In June 2007, drawn up donation contract ANTONI EM. KOMNINOU in memory of Emmanuel K. Komninou for addition elevation of the 5th floor. Work began immediately and on June 30, 2008 the inauguration of the new wing of the fifth floor surface 440 sqm.

This new wing is sophisticated and concerns the depended elderly. It has a capacity of 31 beds and nursing facilities by European standards, with all the necessary ergonomic elements for people with special needs.

So the New Course of Piraeus Nursing Home with this ultramodern department of dependent raises the cubit even higher for the offered services of the Foundation towards the veterans of life.

And continues its silent course always by thanking  in any way its small or large benefactors.