Message of love from Metropolis and the Municipality of Piraeus to the refugees

Metropolite of Piraeus: “Man needs affection and love to his tragedy.”

Piraeus Mayor: “We as a big hug to help our fellow human beings.”

Groups of refugees who are in the gate E2 of the Central Port of Piraeus, today visited Tuesday, March 8, 2016 in the afternoon, His Eminence Metropolitan of Piraeus k.Serafeim.

In a joint effort with the Mayor of Piraeus Mr. Ioannis Moralis and the President of Olympiacos FC Mr.Vaggelis Marinakis, His Eminence offered portions of food and relief items to our fellow citizens who are experiencing the tragic consequences of refugee drama.

Speaking to the media, which recorded the care and concern of our local Church to the human souls, especially the children, His Eminence stressed that “we live in an unspeakable tragedy for which the primary responsibility rests with those who for their finances and strategic interests dissolve countries and bloodshed human beings. ”