“The celebrations of Christmas and New Year are approaching. Despite the significant problems that the country and citizens are facing and for which we should all show solidarity, concord and respect to every different opinion or perception to resolve, it is imperative to have these days and moments of joy and fun.

In this direction, the Municipality of Piraeus has designed for this Christmas a series of events with various activities in each neighborhood of the city. Despite limited means, the people of the Municipality of Piraeus, of O.P.A.N., KO.D.E.P. and “Channel One” gave their best to create a festive atmosphere, giving the opportunity to the citizens and visitors of Piraeus to fun jauntily.

In this effort, for another year, we had the assistance of Olympiakos FC which I want once again to thank for the valuable assistance offered to the Municipality of Piraeus.

I wish wholeheartedly happy holidays to all. “