Grand Benefactor- Co- Founder of Piraeus Nursing Home I.D.KRITIKOS

Ioannis Kritikos, only child of Dimitrios and Cleopatra Kritikos, born in Halki Prigkiponnisa in 1920. Immediately after his birth, his parents immigrating in Constanta, Romania. Later, the young Ioannis is studying Law at the University of Bucharest from where he graduated. After the Second  World War, he is forced to immigrate to Buenos Aires, where he worked for two years in a shipping agency and then, founds with Spanish friends the company Conservas Seguras Ltd in Mar Del Plata. On 1950s he marries Dora Kosti Laimou and installed in Buenos Aires and then in London, where he founds the shipping company “Good Hope Shipping Ltd”, which registeres a significant success. Ioannis Kritikos, with his vigor but mostly with the proverbial kindness receives the recognition of the Greek community in London. Appointed commissioner and later President of the Foundation of the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sophia, position from which he works hard and mostly efficient. Thanks to his excellent management skills becomes a founding member of various Greek organizations in London and helps in many ways, to their functioning and development and after his retirement from active maritime activity.


In 1977-1978 funds the construction and configuration of the enclosure of Saint Marina in Lagonissi while follow many known and unknown donations to schools, institutions and organizations of the Greeks abroad. In April 1990 inaugurated of the Presbytery of St. Sophia in London, the fundamentally reconstruction which performed with Ioannis Kritikos costs. In 1992 and after the death of his wife, I.. Kritikos buys a multi-storey building in London and delivers it in Greek Foundation in order to use for hosting the patients and their relatives from Greece that face serious financial problems.

In 1994, sponsored by the same, erected building, for housing High School Higher education Ιnstitution under the name “Athenagoras A.” for children of Greek expatriates in Buenos Aires, Argentina. On his own initiative and sponsorship is institutionalized, in 1997, annual literary prize, worth 10,000 pounds, awarded to a foreign author whose work refers to ancient Greece, Byzantium or in modern Greece, which continues today. In 1998, with the decisive contribution of his wife, the sociologist Elizabeth Photios Foteineli, fully pays the cost of erection of ultramodern buildings the new wing of Piraeus Nursing Home equipped by his full expenses. Subsequently in 1999, realizing the need for renovation of the existing building of Nursing Home, decide on the complete substantial reconstruction and modernization of the old wing and it’s equipment. Ioannis D. Kritikos after several months of illness leaves for eternity on September 23, 2001. Elizabeth Foteineli – Kritikos, takes up the baton and follows the visions of her husband, continues and completes the reconstruction and equipment of the old wing of Piraeus Nursing Home, as the addition of small wing at the same new wing, inaugurating a year later, new brilliant period of the Foundation, to benefit in particular the indigent elders, who find refuge and care while she remains a supporter of Nursing Home until today.

The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in 1970, has proclaimed Ioannis Kritikos Lord Domain of Great Church of Christ, the Greek State, honored him in 1993 with the Commander of the Phoenix while the London Greek Community in 1995, proclaimed him a  Big Donor of the 20th century. Finally, early in 2000, The Gerontological Society of Greek rewarded him for the great interest and the offer to senior citizens. But the biggest prize is the gratitude of the world that benefited during his tumultuous life, which follows him beyond the grave.


Emmanuel Komninos was born in Syros in 1912, the youngest of five siblings. His family came from Psara and scattered in the Aegean after the destruction of the island. Been orphaned very young and grew up with his uncles in Chios and Naxos. Later came with his siblings in Piraeus and with his brother, opens in Piraeus a shipping agency. He was pleased to see his children, even grandchildren to become shipowners. Twenty four years old knows and marries Athanasia Pannitsi from Piraeus and acquire three children. Kostas, Eleni and Antonis. His life had all the elements of a fascinating book: orphanhood, battle for survival, recognition, raising three elect and successful children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Up to two weeks before entering the hospital dealt with everything he loved and what he loved in life, he loved it passionately. Olympiacos, the sea, the boats, his friends. Above all he was deeply religious and his love for the Church brought him over many years Commissioner in I. Church of St. Spiridon in Piraeus, where with love and great interest he was ministering. Multitalented and unique, he was really the head of the family until the end of his life. The wings of his love, however, was so great that exceeded his family and always helped the needy who resorted to him.

He left  life in October 2006, full-day, peaceful, with full mental clarity, surrounded by his children and grandchildren, having for all an advice and a wish. Immediately after, his son Mr. Antonis Komninos wanting to offer to his memory, informed the President of the Foundation, Most Reverend Metropolitan of Piraeus Mr. Seraphim, of his intention to make a donation Donation of a Floor in Pireaus Nursing Home, fully equipped with modern medical and nursing equipment in accordance with the latest technology and the European Union standards for non-self-handling inmates of Foundation. By assigning the project in Architectural Office of Mr. Stelios Agiostratitis, issued permit of erection in September 2007 and very quickly, in just 10 months, was delivered in June 2008, the New Section for prostrate, ready to give rest and warmth, in our non-privileged fellowmen, who in addition to their old age, they are tested at the end of their lives, with the self service weakness. The new 5th floor, with a capacity of 31 beds, DONATION OF FOUNDATION “ANTONIOS EMM. KOMNINOS” in memory of Emmanuel K. Komninou with the hospital infrastructure by the European Union standards, the course of Piraeus Nursing Home continues, with even higher the bar of the services, to the veterans of life.



Stavros Niarchos Foundation ( is one of the largest charitable organizations in the world and makes grants in the fields of art and culture, education, health and social welfare. The Foundation funds institutions and projects that exhibit strong leadership and proper management and is expected to bring considerable and enduring social influences. Also, the Foundation supports  actively  programs that contribute to public-private sector institutions, as effective means for serving public welfare. The Foundation “Stavros Niarchos” is a charitable organization that makes grants only  to nonprofit organizations . The Foundation does not seek or accept donations from natural persons, companies or other organizations. In addition, the Foundation does not make grants and does not provide scholarships to individual persons. To offer support to any of the donees Foundation organizations, or to request support from the programs that implement Grantees of the Foundation, please contact directly with organizations.


From 1996 until today, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation has approved a total placing 1 billion € ($ 1.3 billion), through 2,361 grants to nonprofit organizations in 109 nations around the world. Of the total of the Foundation’s donations, over 80% of the total amount is allocated to organizations and initiatives in Greece.

In response to the ongoing social -economic crisis in Greece, the Foundation recently announced initiative for placing € 100 million euros ($ 130 million) over the next three years to help alleviate the adverse effects of the growing crisis. From January 2012, in the context of the above initiative, the Foundation has allocated € 45 million ($ 58 million) to support various non-profit organizations across the country, and is in progress the process of the approval of additional donations.

The largest single donation of the Foundation (€ 566 million / $ 796 million) is the Cultural Center Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNFCC) in Athens. The construction works in the field have already begun. The Foundation “Stavros Niarchos”  firmly believes that this is a project of great national importance, especially under the social-economic conditions that prevail today. Remains testimony and commitment to the country’s future, at a crucial historical juncture. It  also constitutes a lever of short- and medium-term for financial development, which is very important in the current circumstances.

The financial details of the Foundation are controlled by Deloitte.