The Nursing Home of Piraeus is non-profit-making (founded in 1891) and has passed a very long period of silent offer, it has prevailed to be called, from the whole of Piraeus society and not only, the big house that “fits grandfather and grandmother”, and port of veterans of life.

The purpose of the Foundation in this Regulation (Government Gazette 276 / 05.10.1891) “is intended to provide asylum to those who require elder care paupers from Piraeus depending on its resources” and the elderly (men and women) over 65 years that will apply for admission to this. (The only condition is not suffering from contagious or mental illness).

From the moment someone elderly, requested admission to the nursing home for reasons he wanted, the Foundation undertakes to provide as much as possible all that his own home would offer.


Creating a family environment is one of the first goals of the Foundation achieved by creating a friendly host climate, getting to know the staff and housemates and the recognition of his personality, always calling him by name.

Knowing that elderly seeking primarily respect by everyone and recognition of his labors of his life what he expects from us is love.

After the introduction of the elderly to the Foundation, we try to give him to understand that a new life cycle is signaled for him.

The Social Foundation Service is trying to get the message to the elderly inmates that abstinence from active does not mean grown old, that has a lot of potential yet to offer in common, not remain inflexible on issues such as socialization and do not close to himself, learn to say goodbye to situations of distress, be interested in health issues and finally continuing to love.

The Medical Foundation Office, which is the most important area in cooperation with the insurance institution each older consumed 24 hours a day for the full physical and mental health.

The staff of the Foundation is sensitized by management behavior towards the elderly inmates, considered crucial for the service quality of its service. This behavior is not altered from the care difference to any elderly. Measure of care is respect and love.

We consider the third age as first and we treat it accordingly.